Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science (0478)

Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science helps learners develop an interest in computational thinking and an understanding of the principles of problem-solving using computers. They apply this understanding to create computer-based solutions to problems using algorithms and a high-level programming language. Learners also develop a range of technical skills, and the ability to effectively test and evaluate computing solutions.

Studying Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science helps learners appreciate current and emerging computing technologies, the benefits of their use and recognise their potential risks. It provides an ideal foundation for progression to Cambridge International AS & A Level and is valuable for other areas of study and everyday life.

All content developed specifically for IGCSE Computer Science. Blended learning using text, video and imagery. Online assessments with formative feedback from experienced and qualified tutors.

Why choose to study IGCSE Computer Science?

Aims of the Course:

The aims are to develop:

·         computational thinking, that is thinking about what can be computed and how, and includes consideration of the data required

·         understanding of the main principles of solving problems by using computers • understanding that every computer system is made up of sub-systems, which in turn consist of further sub-systems

·         understanding of the component parts of computer systems and how they interrelate, including software, data, hardware, communications and people

·         skills necessary to apply understanding to solve computer-based problems using a high-level programming language.

How Are Candidates Assessed?

All candidates take two papers:

Paper 1 Theory (1 hour 45 mins) Short answers and structured questions based on section 1 of the course.

Paper 2 Problem solving and Programming (1 hour and 45 mins)  Short answers and structured questions based on section 2 of the course.

Teacher: Jackie Levey